Love It or List It Vancouver

Big Coat Productions for W Network

Love It or List It Vancouver
 is the west-coast iteration of the Canadian hit series Love It or List It, one of the highest-rated shows airing on the W Network and on HGTV in the US.

Love It or List It Vancouver is produced by Toronto’s Big Coat Productions one of the most successful producers of Canadian content television.  The original series, Love It or List It starring Hilary Farr and David Visentin is now shooting its fifth season.  Big Coat Productions and Executive Producers Catherine Fogarty and Maria Armstrong have hired the staff at Infinity Films to take on the enormous challenge of re-creating the Toronto hit series on Canada’s west coast.  Shooting 26 one-hour episodes the series combines human drama and witty repartee with home renovation and real estate.

Like its east coast sister, each episode of Love It or List It Vancouver is a competition between our designer host and our real estate agent host as they compete to either renovate a home and persuade the homeowners to stay or find a new home that gives the homeowner everything their existing home is missing.  Will they love it or do they list it?