June 19, 2017

TUTS 2017 Season Soaring to New Heights with Mary Poppins

There are few events that embody summertime like an evening spent at Stanley Park’s Theatre Under the Stars. This year, Infinity Film’s Shel Piercy undergoes a new set of challenges and excitement with the ambitious and cherished musical Mary Poppins. Not only does the book require sophisticated acting to tell the story at it’s highest level, the set, costumes, props and performers must all have more than a little bit of magic up their sleeve. With a combination of extraordinary talent, stunning choreography, and a passionate ensemble, Piercy knows he has a recipe for success.

As the team approaches the final few weeks of rehearsal and begin to integrate the technical elements of the show, butterflies, much like the ones in the Stanley Park Rose Garden, flutter in the bellies of cast and crew alike with anticipation of a magical opening night.

Mary Poppins is directed by Shel Piercy, choreographed by Nicol Spinola with music direction by Wendy Bross Stuart. The show runs July 7 – August 19. Tickets and information at