Multi-media Museum Quality Display and Live Walk-Through Show

 Storyeum offered something completely unheard of in the realm of educational tourist attractions: an interactive re-creation of British Columbia’s history through special effects, video, and live actors and actresses in a 40 minute show. And when Infinity Films was asked by Historical Xperiences Inc to revamp the main show, they rolled up their sleeves and created something entirely unique.

The audience walked through tunnels to huge rooms realistically dressed as significant locations in British Columbia’s history.  There were rocky hillsides complete with a waterfall, towering trees, and a native longhouse.  There was a beach where magical images danced across the sky and a huge, four-masted ship sailed into view.  Infinity recreated a street from 1890’s Barkerville and a train station circa 1945 complete with an 88% scale replica of Engine 374 – the first engine to cross Canada.

The show itself boasted an original score, music, lyrics and script.  The music was performed by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and sung live by the cast – who performed three shows per hour – in other words one show was starting as another was in the middle and one was ending.  There were hundreds of costumes for the cast of twenty with over 200 performers able to play the roles.  Like walking through a musical documentary, Storyeum was truly equal parts education and entertainment.

Infinity produced all the video aspects of Storyeum including the 360 degrees of images and narration that were presented in the two passenger lifts, the video elements that were woven into each live tableau and a promotional video of the entire experience.