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Premieres on CBC Docs POV

SUNDAY, MARCH 18 @ 9PM (9:30 NT)

Based on a lifetime of home movie footage, Love, Hope & Autism takes the viewer behind startling statistics on the rise of autism in North America, and deep into the heart of a family raising a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Fraternal twins Fraser and Hallee Fresco were born in 1996 in Scarborough Ontario. Their mom was a television producer, their father a cameraman. As a result, the twins lived their lives in front of the camera, long before such documentation was routine. And because it was their dad doing the filming – a professional with a loving eye – the footage is unusually intimate. We see and feel the bond between two adorable babies and we watch as their paths diverge when Fraser begins to disappear into what his parents will come to call the Autism World.

From autism diagnosis to the twins’ 21st birthday in 2017, Love, Hope & Autism is a show-not-tell documentary. Although ASD is a central defining characteristic of this family, the lm is not about autism but about the family itself. It’s a very personal portrait – revealing family break-up and quirky reformation, violent outbursts on Fraser’s part, near-death experiences, Hallee’s break with her dysfunctional father, and her father’s realization that ASD has been the central theme of his entire life.