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Almost Heaven

Feature, 102 minutes

In this quirky and hilarious romantic comedy, MARK BRADY (Donal Logue) is a charismatic, alcohol fuelled Canadian director of a television fishing show filming in Scotland. He’s struggling to stay sober and work with the show’s temperamental star TAYA HONEYWELL (Joely Collins) – his ex-wife!

Everything that can go wrong does and an awkward incident with a dead fish catapults Mark into the path of feisty local fishing guide NICKI McADAM. He is instantly drawn to her. But are Mark’ s feelings for Nicky strong enough to keep him away from the bottle and on the straight and narrow?

WGC Award nominee,
Best Feature Screenplay

Original song by Phil Collins


Canada: Alliance Films
International: eONE
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The Movie Out Here   Movie Out Here poster

Feature, 90 minutes.

ADAM (Robin Nielsen) works as a junior associate for a large Toronto law firm. When a business trip takes him to his hometown of Fernie, he reunites with his old friends, JASON (Viv Leacock) and THEO (James Wallis). Adam gets more than he bargained for when he finds out that, due to a series of terrible business decisions, Theo’s ski waxing business “Waxopolis” is in serious financial trouble and at risk of being taken over by an evil developer. The three guys hatch a plan to throw a massive fundraising party to try and save the business. But, with the developer and his son on their back, party permit hassles, and a Sasquatch on the loose, will they be able to pull it off?

Official Selection: Whistler Film Festival

Distributor Canada: Alliance Films

Première TV Distribution (2013) (Netherlands) (all media)

Signature Entertainment (2014) (UK) (all media)

Uncork’d Entertainment (2013) (USA) (DVD)

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