Race of the Century

Ben Johnson, Drugs & the Quest for Gold

46:00 documentary (French version available)
Gold medal winner, 2005 New York Festival

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It was over in a mere 9.79 seconds, but that’s all it took to make Ben Johnson the “fastest man on earth.” That is, until two days later when the world learned he had tested positive for steroids. It was the moment that changed the sport of track and field, and the way we view our Olympic sports heroes forever. With the perspective of fifteen years passed, this hard-hitting investigative documentary examines the facts, rumors, accusations and conspiracy theories behind the steroid scandal that rocked the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, and forever changed our collective understanding of steroid use in the high-octane, media-driven world of international sports competition.

Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland.

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Discovery Channel Canada

eONE Entertainment

Key Creative
• Director: Shel Piercy
• Producers: Shel Piercy, Ken Craw
• Writer: Ken Craw
• Executive producers: Dan Carriere, Jill Fairclough
• Editor: Allan Pinvidic
• Original Music: Ed Henderson
• Director of Photography: Bruce Clark, 
Robert Fresco

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