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Love & Duty

1 x 60 minute historical documentary
LOVE & DUTY is the inspiring story of 641 women who traveled overseas to volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross in WWII during a time when personal danger intensified their feelings of commitment, sacrifice, romance, and love. This exciting adventure shaped the lives of each of these women, changing them in profound ways, and ultimately changing the perceived role of women forever. Love & Duty is at once a historical record of women and war, and a timeless story about love and sacrifice.

Narrated by Catherine O’Hara (Best in Show, Home Alone)

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History Television
W Network

Key Creative
• Exec Producers: Dan Carriere and Shel Piercy • Producer: Pat O’Brie • Associate Producer: Dianna Bodnar • Line Producer: Cynthia Chapman • Director: Shel Piercy • Writers: Dianna Bodnar and Sue Culver • Narrator: Catherine O’Hara • DOP: Bruce Clark • Editor: Allan Pinvidic