Guinea Pig Club

1 x 60 minute historical documentary
(French version available)

Through the eyes of the most painfully exclusive club in the world, this documentary tells the WWII story of two pioneering plastic surgeons, Sir Archibald McIndoe and Canadian Dr. Ross Tilley, whose revolutionary and holistic approach to reconstructive surgery cajoled back into the world of the living airmen so horribly burned and broken they believed they might as well be dead. This is a wartime story that is not about having the courage to die, but finding the courage to live.

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History Television


Key Creative
• Exec Prod: Dan Carriere
• President & CEO: Shel Piercy
• Producers: Cynthia Chapman, 
Pat O’Brien
• Associate Producer: Valerie Houghton
• Narrator: Gerard Plunkett
• DOP: Bruce Clark
• Music Composers: Ed Henderson and Peter Berring
• Editor: Allan Pinvidic