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March 5, 2021

132_VictorReelz, Spiegel History board Titanic

US cablenet Reelz and German pay TV channel Spiegel History have picked up a four-part documentary series on the Titanic.

Titanic: Stories from the Deep examines artefacts and the stories behind them and is sold by Toronto-based Distribution360.

Reelz will show the full 4×60’ series back-to-back on March 7, starting at 20.00, with Spiegel History also set to air the show this month.

The docuseries is produced by Canada’s Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group and Partners in Motion. Using new technology, it examines new artefacts from the wreck of the Titanic, which sank in April 1912, and links them to passengers and their living descendants.

Titanic: Stories from the Deep was originally financed by UKTV’s Yesterday, Viasat History, Foxtel and Canada’s Hollywood Suite, with the participation of the Rogers Documentary Fund.

Victor Garber, who appeared in James Cameron hit 1997 film Titanic, presents the series. Its exec producers include Shel Piercy and Dan Carriere for Infinity, Ron Goetz for Partners in Motion and Bretton Hunchak.

Diane Rankin, Distribution360’s senior VP of rights, said: “With its focus on rarely seen artefacts, Titanic: Stories from the Deep brings previously untold stories to the surface and we’re so pleased to find great broadcast partners in Reelz and Spiegel History to bring this excellent series to more audiences around the world.”

MAY 18, 2018


CBC has scheduled a prime-time rebroadcast of director Helen Slinger’s documentary Love, Hope & Autism on June 17. Produced by Infinity Films, the doc is also available for streaming in Canada on the CBC POV website. 

Based on a lifetime of home movie footage, the documentary Love, Hope & Autism takes the viewer on the Fresco family’s deeply personal journey of raising a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The film provides an extraordinarily intimate look inside a family as they deal with autism from birth through adulthood, and confronts the startling statistical rise of ASD in North America, as well as the heartbreaking outcome for many autistic children aging out of a publicly-funded system.



May 11, 2018


2018 Courage to Come Back Award Recipients from left: Suzanne Venuta, Josh Dahling, Alisa Gil-Silvestre, Ingrid Bates and Jim Ryan.

2018 Courage to Come Back Award Recipients from left: Suzanne Venuta, Josh Dahling, Alisa Gil-Silvestre, Ingrid Bates and Jim Ryan.

With more than 1,800 attendees, the fundraising dinner was the biggest ever held in British Columbia. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the evening also raised a record-breaking $3 million for Coast Mental Health, which provides housing, support and employment to people with mental illness throughout the Lower Mainland.

Infinity Films has been producing the Courage to Come Back Awards since its inaugural year. We are proud to be part of this extraordinary event and look forward to many more years of partnering with Coast Mental Health.

February 6, 2018



Based on a lifetime of home movie footage, the documentary Love, Hope & Autism takes the viewer on the Fresco family’s deeply personal journey of raising a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Premiering Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 9pm (9:30 NT) on CBC Docs POV, the film provides an extraordinarily intimate look inside a family as they deal with autism from birth through adulthood, and confronts the startling statistical rise of ASD in North America, as well as the heartbreaking outcome for many autistic children aging out of a publicly-funded system. The documentary will also be available to watch online at on Friday, March 16, from 5 pm ET.

Love, Hope & Autism is a must-see for the increasing number of Canadians with autism in the family, for those who wonder what life’s like for the family next door, or for those who are concerned new parents or grandparents. Says writer & director Helen Slinger, “The months spent filming this documentary, and screening a lifetime of footage, showed me what it’s like to be inside a family dealing with autism. It is more difficult than you can imagine, and even more fascinating.”

In Love, Hope & Autism, we meet Fraser Fresco, a young man with severe autism approaching his 21st birthday – the date at which he will be cut off from publicly-funded education and must rely on a disability allowance. The film urgently asks, “What will happen to Fraser?” who struggles with basic everyday tasks such as clothing, bathing and feeding himself. It is a harrowing question faced by an increasing number of North American families as the rate of ASD skyrockets. The Center for Disease Control now estimates that one in 68 Americans is “on the spectrum,” a shocking 100% increase over the past decade (most Canadian ASD associations use this CDC statistic).

Drawing a portrait of the Fresco family, Love, Hope & Autism features unprecedented footage shot by Fraser’s loving father, Robert Fresco, who is also a professional cameraman. Following Fraser’s life from infancy through to early adulthood, Robert’s lens uniquely captures Fraser’s development as a child growing up with ASD. Through home video clips and interviews, viewers witness the emotional and physical impact on the family, including fraternal twin Hallee, who finds herself out of the focus of her father’s camera and attention.

June 19, 2017

TUTS 2017 Season Soaring to New Heights with Mary Poppins

There are few events that embody summertime like an evening spent at Stanley Park’s Theatre Under the Stars. This year, Infinity Film’s Shel Piercy undergoes a new set of challenges and excitement with the ambitious and cherished musical Mary Poppins. Not only does the book require sophisticated acting to tell the story at it’s highest level, the set, costumes, props and performers must all have more than a little bit of magic up their sleeve. With a combination of extraordinary talent, stunning choreography, and a passionate ensemble, Piercy knows he has a recipe for success.

As the team approaches the final few weeks of rehearsal and begin to integrate the technical elements of the show, butterflies, much like the ones in the Stanley Park Rose Garden, flutter in the bellies of cast and crew alike with anticipation of a magical opening night.

Mary Poppins is directed by Shel Piercy, choreographed by Nicol Spinola with music direction by Wendy Bross Stuart. The show runs July 7 – August 19. Tickets and information at


May 23, 2017

19th Annual Courage to Come Back Awards Gala Raises a Record 1.63 million

On Tuesday May 16, 2017, a sold out crowd came together for Coast Mental Health’s 19th annual Courage To Come Back Awards and fundraising gala at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Over 1,500 people celebrated six remarkable British Columbians who overcame adversity against incredible odds. Through the generous support of these attendees, Coast raised a record $1.63 million to ensure Coast Mental Health can continue to provide compassionate, meaningful support for anyone with the courage to come back.

Infinity Films is proud to produce this event. The 20th anniversary gala is already confirmed for May 10, 2018. For more information, consult the Courage to Come Back Awards website.


Courage 2017

January 31, 2017

Chinese capital bringing new film productions to B.C.
Locals land co-production deals as China pursues North American market ambitions

By Tyler Orton | Jan. 31, 2017, noon

New girl in town meets local boy. They fall in love. Her parents don’t approve.

It’s one of those universal stories told in cinemas across the globe, says Shel Piercy, president of Infinity Films Entertainment Group Ltd.

So after his company facilitated the filming of Chinese-financed Bayue and Weiyang in Vancouver last fall, Piercy recalls, he told director Wang Xiaofang he should shoot an English-language version of the Mandarin romantic comedy.

“They’re exactly like romantic comedies that exist in North America except they have a Chinese theme,” Piercy told Business in Vancouver. “And they’re hoping to bring in more productions.”

Infinity Films’ partnership with Chinese producers began last year following a trade mission to the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART).

Piercy is returning to FILMART in March to secure more partnerships and perhaps even look at importing “unusual” TV formats from China into the North American market.

“The future looks promising,” said Piercy. “It’s probably going to take a couple years to develop fully but I believe we can do it really well.”

“We see a lot of investors that are looking to come into British Columbia,” said Robert Wong, Creative BC vice-president and acting B.C. film commissioner.

“But they’re also looking to partner up with existing companies that can help produce product that has that North American feel but mainly for an Asian market.”

In mid-January Paramount Pictures inked a US$1 billion deal with Shanghai Film Group Corp. and Beijing-based Huahua Media to co-produce and distribute films, according to Deadline.

While a Vancouver production house isn’t likely to land such a colossal deal, Piercy said Chinese money could still have a big impact on the local industry.

Facilitating the service production for Bayue and Weiyang required Infinity Films to smooth over cultural barriers as the Chinese crew shot the Vancouver-set film.

“They have a very efficient way of doing things, but they’re not used to the requirements. We have a very sophisticated industry in Vancouver. … We have approved ways of doing things in terms of safety and a manner of other things. And I think it was hard for them to get used to working that way.”

Wong added that working with the crew was a terrific experience nonetheless.

“We need to identify more Mandarin-speaking crews in town. I think we need to improve our documentation so more of it has been properly translated into Mandarin.”

And on the Cantonese side of the business, Infinity Films is gearing up for a co-production with Salon Films (HK) Ltd. that will go before cameras this November.

The Canadian-penned Second World War drama Brick Hill follows Hong Kong, British and Canadian characters during Japan’s invasion of the former British colony.

October 14, 2016


 Vancouver-based producers Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group Ltd. and Partners in Motion have signed an exclusive access arrangement with Premier Exhibitions, Inc. to produce a new television series, Titanic: Stories from the Deep.

Titanic: Stories from the Deep promises to reveal the stories behind individual artifacts in the moments before the shipwreck; what they are, how they came to be onboard and who may have owned them. And what may have happened to those owners. Were they one of the few to survive the icy waters that night or do we know them only by the clues left on the ocean floor?

The deal, which grants Infinity Films and Partners in Motion exclusive access to the collection,allows the producers to engage broadcasters and distributors throughout the development phase of the series.

Premier Exhibitions, Inc., is the Salvor-in-Possession of the RMS Titanic and has exclusively recovered, preserved, researched and documented more than 5,500 artifacts from her wreck site for nearly 30 years. These artifacts are now featured in major exhibitions around the world including both Las Vegas and Orlando as part of Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

This is the chance of a lifetime. We have a unique opportunity to find our way back to the Titanicand explore the lives of those who were on board thanks to the objects they left behind,” said Shel Piercy, President of Infinity Films.

Adds Ron Goetz, Executive Vice President of Partners in Motion: “We expect this series will move into production early in 2017 and are now reviewing potential broadcasters and foreign producers.”

“The story of Titanic is not one story, but many. This collaboration will give untold stories a voice: inspiring future generations and enhancing Titanic’s legacy,” said Daoping Bao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Premier Exhibitions, Inc.

Principal photography on season one of Titanic: Stories from the Deep should be completed by the end of 2017.

For further information contact:

Shel PiercyPresident Ron GoetzExecutive Vice President Katherine SeymourVP Marketing
Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group Ltd. Partners In Motion Premier Exhibitions, Inc.
+1 (604) 505-3616 +1 (404) 842-2675


About Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group Ltd.

Infinity Films is an award-winning producer of both factual and fiction television for both the Canadian and International television and film markets.  Their work has been commissioned by CBC, CTV, Global Television, History Television, Bravo!, W Network, Discovery as well as international broadcasters such as BBC in Britain; ZDF in Germany; ABC in Australia and many, many more.  For Big Coat Productions and Corus, Infinity Films produced the first 60 episodes of Love it or List It Vancouver (Love It or List It Too in the USA).

About Partners in Motion

Since its creation in 1993, Partners In Motion has grown and matured into a multi-dimensional, multi-purpose entertainment entity engaged in the development, production and distribution of comprehensive, award-winning media programming and is a favored supplier for networks including Discovery International, History Television, A&E Biography, The Travel Channel, HBO and TLC.  Learn more at

About Premier Exhibitions, Inc.:

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (OTCQB:PRXI), located in Atlanta, GA, is a major provider of museum quality exhibitions throughout the world and a recognized leader in developing and displaying unique exhibitions for education and entertainment. Our exhibitions present unique opportunities to experience compelling stories using authentic objects and artifacts in diverse environments. Exhibitions are presented in museums, exhibition centers and other entertainment venues. Additional information about Premier Exhibitions, Inc. is available at






January 14, 2016


Infinity Films is starting 2016 on a high note! Our documentary Life is a Highway has received a development investment from the CBC Docs programming strand.

Life is a Highway is the incredible story of Robert Fresco and his son Fraser who is autistic.  Fresco, a Gemini Award-winning director of photography, became the father of twins Fraser and Hallee when he was 56.  With Fraser’s devastating diagnosis, Robert’s life changed utterly and irrevocably. His marriage crumbled, he moved his family from Ontario to British Columbia, he focused less on making films and more on making a life for Fraser and Hallee.  And all through everything, through the painful times, through the tough times, through the triumphs, Fresco, director of photography to the core, filmed the journey of his little family.  The incredible result is over 500 hours of high-quality footage – 18 years in making.  An unprecedented visual documentation of the challenges dealing with autism and, ultimately, the triumph of the human spirit.

Produced by Shel Piercy and Cynthia Chapman and the award-winning team at Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group Ltd., Life is a Highway will be written by Helen Slinger and directed by Slinger and Robert Fresco.  Production is scheduled to begin in May of this year.


November 11, 2015


Love and Duty is the inspiring story of 641 women who traveled overseas to volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross in WWII. We made this documentary in 2003 and it is wonderful to see that the story still resonates today. Producer and writer Susan Culver attended a screening of Love and Duty recently on Mayne Island, B.C. where the film was received with happy tears and spontaneous singing! We are grateful and today we remember the sacrifices these women made.

Love and Duty producer and writer Susan Culver at a screening on Mayne Island, November 2015.

Love and Duty producer and writer Susan Culver at a screening on Mayne Island, November 2015.

Love and Duty producer and writer Susan Culver at a screening on Mayne Island, November 2015.

Love and Duty producer and writer Susan Culver at a screening on Mayne Island, November 2015.