Catalogue – Series

The Jim Byrnes Show

46 x 30 minutes variety series

Fantasy and reality take turns as the real bar set and the audience interweave with the ‘behind the bar’ cast of characters and guests

THE JIM BYRNES SHOW is a 30 minute, hip variety show that every week pushes the buttons of today’s cigar smoking, martini drinking, tuxedo wearing, 18 – 34 crowd. Thirty minutes of cool, thirty minutes of edgy, hip humour, thirty minutes of television for today’s twenty-somethings.


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Key Creative
• Executive Producers: Dan Carriere,
 Pat O’Brien, Shel Piercy
• Producer: Pat O’Brien
• Line Producer: Cynthia Chapman
• Star: Jim Byrnes
• Writers: Shel Piercy, Richard Side
• Director: Shel Piercy
• Lighting Director: Bruce Fletcher
• Production Designer: Richard Cook
• Theme Music: Paul Airey
• Incidental Music Composer: 
 Bill Sample
• Editor: Allan Pinvidic