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Dawn Wells Reel Adventures

13 x 30 minutes travel & lifestyle

Sport fishing – the excitement, the thrill and the challenge of fishing in beautiful and exotic corners of the world; catching (and releasing) the big one!

How would you like to go fishing with Mary-Ann from “Gilligan’s Island“? How would you like to learn how to fish from one of the world’s best anglers? How would you like to travel to wonderful international destinations to fish with the local people who know the place where you are fishing intimately? If the answer is yes, then you are the audience for Dawn Wells REEL ADVENTURES.

Dawn Wells REEL ADVENTURES is 13 – 30 minute episodes of the best fishing show you have ever seen. Travel to Scotland, Mexico, The Queen Charlotte Islands off Canada’s rugged west coast, ten thousand feet up in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming, on the gentle rivers of Idaho and to the wild and untamed majesty of Iceland. A guided tour of some of the most magical and romantic parts of the world, places that most of us will ever only enjoy from the comfort of our armchair. And with one of the most popular women in the world, Dawn Wells.

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Global Television TV
Ontario BCTV

Key Creative
• Starring: Dawn Wells
• Executive Producers: Dan Carriere,
Shel Piercy, Dawn Wells
• Producer: Pat O’Brien
• Hosts: Dawn Wells and Kathy Ruddick
• Director: Shel Piercy
• DOP: Bruce Clark
• Music composer: Bill Sample
• Editor: Don Macdonnell