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Tell it On the Mountain

1 x 47 minutes performing arts special

Vancouver has a unique Canadian tradition – a Christmas wonderland three thousand feet above the city on the Peak of Grouse Mountain.

Snow and Snow Boarders, a winter wonderland.  Accessible only by cable car.

The Peak Experience at Grouse Mountain is a world-renowned tourist attraction.

The Peak at Christmas is a perennial Christmas favourite.  Santa’s Workshop, reindeer, outdoor ice skating, sleigh rides in a one-horse open sleigh, mulled wine and hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire.  A very special Christmas high above the city.  Only one musical style is as big as Grouse Mountain: the joyous Christmas music of traditional African-Canadian Gospel music.  This extraordinary winter wonderland is the setting for a once-in-a-lifetime musical event: TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN.

TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN is a celebration of the music of Christmas featuring two of Canada’s finest singers and musicians: MARCUS MOSELY and GAIL SUDERMAN.  Together with a twelve-voice choir they will perform in front of the roaring fire and thirty-foot tall Christmas tree that are the Christmas centerpiece in the magnificent, peeled-pine-log Lodge on the Peak of Grouse Mountain.   As the snow falls outside the magnificent windows the singers will be accompanied by a five-piece band lead by the incomparable musical director and arranger EDWARD HENDERSON.  Together they all ring in Christmas through their dramatic and powerful music.  Vibrant and colourful, eclectic, joyous and drawing upon a history and courage of many generations of African-Canadians, this promises to be a unique and powerful Christmas event.  Staggering visuals in the ultimate Christmas setting with the joyous music of Gospel wrapping it all in the perfect Christmas bow.  Fifty-two minutes of pure joy celebrating the most joyful season of all; all in a jewel box of a setting.

The show is filmed primarily in the Lodge which is magnificently decorated for Christmas: cedar boughs and twinkling lights, a wonderful staircase, a thirty foot tall Christmas tree glittering with thousands of lights, a massive stone fireplace.    All the music will be recorded here however our camera will roam outside into the dark and holy night, as snow falls on a perfect little Christmas village. The entire production is directed by award-winning director SHEL PIERCY and produced by KEN CRAW and the team at INFINITY FILMS.

A magic television event for a magic time.  In a world-class setting featuring Canada’s finest musicians.  Singing the best Christmas music ever: the music of love and joy.   All combined into a timeless television event for Christmas…TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN…Christmas time is here!

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