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Sarah’s Story

1 x 60 minute documentary

SARA’S STORY is a sixty minute documentary that follows 25 year old Sara Taylorduring the most significant two years of her life. On October 8, 1997, 23 year old Sara Taylor, actress and University student, is diagnosed with a rare form of life-threatening cancer. From the first moment, Sara is battling enormous odds. She is immediately operated on to remove a tumour growing in her stomach. Then she begins devastating chemotherapy. It almost kills her. And from the beginning of her diagnosis, through her treatments, her surgery, her periods of severe doubt and moments of illuminating revelation, Sara, her fiancé Brad, her mom and dad, Pat and Lee, her sister Jenny all share their innermost thoughts with us on camera. They gave us complete and uncensored access. This film clearly documents the emotional journey that cancer exacts in a young woman and in the family and loved ones of that young woman. But it is not only this perspective – the perspective of a 25 year old woman – that makes this documentary unique. It is the extraordinary qualities of this intelligent and vital young woman that make this documentary truly memorable. It’s no wonder she’s going to be an actor! Her compelling personality shines through in every inch of this film. This is Sara’s story and it holds you enthralled every minute.

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Pat Taylor

Key Creative
• Executive Producers: Dan Carriere, 
 Pat Taylor
• Producers: Pat O’Brien, Cynthia Chapman, Carole Burgess
• Writer/Director: Shel Piercy
• DOP: Dale Johannesen
• Music composers: Bill Sample, 
 Michael Booth Palmer
• Editor: Allan Pinvidic